Hands On Global team is heading to the refugee camps in Greece again. We are leaving the day after the election as many of us are working to get out the vote!

This will be a difficult trip. The temporary camp after the Moria fire has already flooded twice. People are living in crowded summer tents without floors. As of this post there is still limited running water and not enough toilets.There is Covid in the camp. We had hoops to jump to get into Greece as humanitarian workers.

I have already packed 5 50# bags of medical supplies. I have 2 more to go and the California crew is working on 4 more bags.

Always these trips have a deep affect on the team. Personally once the trip is decided, dates set, tickets purchased I get nervous, shaky, scared. Because I know I am walking into a humanitarian disaster. Each time I have gone the situation has been worse. I know my heart will be broken. I know I will have to pull myself together to be present , to stay on task. I know I will come home in tears.

And yet, I want to go. I want to show up for these people. I want them to know I care, we care. All of YOU who have supported this work CARE. I will tell them you have shown your care with dollars to purchase the medications and medical supplies we bring. That YOU sent money for food and shelter. This will bring a grateful smile on their faces that I can only share with my posts.

Trust me your support means so much to the refugees.
YOU have not abandoned them.
They are not invisable to YOU.