We are working split shifts, the teams working 8 am – 2 pm and 2 pm – 8 am. Today is my evening shift. The medical NGOs are all working together in the same “tent”. It is very busy, yet organized. I think this is working well. It is amazing – the medical folks from around the world. I am honored to be working with these people.

The camp conditions are slowly beginning to improve. Omar’s Refugee4refugees team has bought pallets and wood to get flooring inside these summer tents before the next rain. Still, the refugees will remain inside summer tents. Also R4R is trying to bring in portable showers, as there is no running water. I still have not walked the camp but hope to today before my shift.

Covid is definitely in the camp as are intestinal infections and scabies came with. There seem to be quite a number of very sick chronic conditions. The lines for the clinic again take several hours, but so much more organized than before. Good improvements, still miserable situation. We all wear full PPE and limit the number of people in the exam spaces as much as possible. That part is hard and there are frequent clusters of medical people.

Met one of the translators I worked with in March. He is a pediatrician from Afghanistan working as a translator while he awaits asylum hearings. Such a nice man. He has been on this island in camp with his wife and four kids for over 2 years. Another translator we are working with is from Pakistan. He also is a doctor. So smart. He knows more than many of the doctors in the medical pool.

As a team we are doing great.

Photos are really discouraged so I am unable to send images.