Spent yesterday organizing, preparing meds, wound care. Alex, our refugee coordinator, organized a meeting with some camp leaders. These folks are refugees. They are eager to help us and figured out a system that they will manage to keep crowds under control and ensure our safety. They shared their stories and their frustrations at being trapped on this island with no options to leave. There are some who have been here several years. Their living conditions are just unimaginable. It rained, poured all day yesterday and refugees had to stay all day, 4 – 5 of them in a small tent. They had to cook inside the tent.

Georgia and Marcia spent the day at a volunteer community center for women doing women’s health and then at the NGO clinic where they were really busy. I am now having my morning coffee in my warm and dry Airbnb, preparing myself to start our “jungle” clinic in an hour. We are prepared with meds, supplies and equipment ~ thanks to all of you, our donors.

Yesterday I told the camp leader from Ghana how we raise money and he asked me to thank all of you for ”loving him without knowing him.” I told him how we all care about him and the others as brothers and sisters in our human family. He was touched.

Ok, I am ready. I see it is softly raining outside, hope it’s not a downpour today.